Review Request Email Templates

Politely Reject a Discount Request

Abandoned Cart Email Templates

Here’s a discount code for you

Product Launch Template

Testimonial Requests Email Templates

Thank You for Your Purchase

Respond to Negative Reviews/Feedback

Don’t forget to…

Rate the service email template

Order cancellation email template

We are processing your refund

We're always working to improve our shipping

Ask questions in work

Express disagreement

Farewell message email template

Notify task progress

thank someone for sharing content

Happy Friday

How to response to a compliment?

Not my job/pay grade

Replies to “Not my job/pay grade”

Replies to “It was like this before”

Remarking urgency of X

How to reply to conflict (apologies)

How to schedule a meeting

Sharing great content

How to request sick/medical leave

Messages for out of office

What to say when your employee makes a mistake

Will do it later

Can I do anything else?

Responding to Feedback

Client unhappy with product/service

Apologies and Resolutions

Fixing the issue

Following up

Forwarding a question to the correct person

I don’t know the answer

I'll cancel your subscription

I'll transfer you to another representative

Offline/Away from desk

Sorry for the delay/wait time

Thank you for contacting us

We cannot do that

We're sorry for…

We're still working on your case

We’re experiencing technical difficulties

Your (issue, ticket number) has been fixed.

Can you be more specific?

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